Get task url?

Is there a way to get the task url when using the search api for tasks?{workspace id}/tasks/search?assignee.any=me&completed_on=null&projects.any={project id}&opt_fields=something here

I’ve tried a bunch of things and can’t seem to get it.

There is not. However, you can construct a task url yourself, something like this:{taskId}

or to refer to the task in a specific project:{projectId}/{taskId}


That’s disappointing. Trying to use PHPStorm’s project/task management and can only map fields in the API response to variables. Can’t combine/join them.

Wish the Asana worked better for software/development project management.

That is very surprising… What are you mapping the fields to exactly? What is the link with the IDE PHPStorm?

This field just accepts something from the data in the search request.

I’m trying to automate a bunch of things to mimic functionality missing from Asana that are available in Jira/Bitbucket/GitHub/Gitlab/Monday/CF/YouTrack/etc, such as smart commits that auto close tasks for starts.

There’s this field in PHPStorm as well as a few other places it’d help greatly if the full url was returned anywhere.

What I don’t understand is where this field is coming from. PHPStorm is an editor isn’t it? Are you mapping inside a database?

Oh got it. Yeah there’s an option to add a project management server.

This lets you open a project in PHPStorm and be able to browse a list of tasks from the same project in the project management server. So you can say “start task x” and it’ll ask you if you want to create a branch based off the task ID + name, if you want to close all open windows and reopen the ones you had open last time you worked on the task, etc. Then when you tell phpstorm to close the task it’ll merge the branch and you can fire off more commands based on the response from the API. Sadly for some reason these fields only let you map stuff to exact pieces of the response, I can’d do like +

Hi Phil,

We have been in email contact before and your flowsana is simply brilliant!!
Currently i am not being very successful creating the url myself - when i follow your instructions i end up at my asana home screen or in a project list.

I am trying to create urls for exported tasks so that i can use QR codes to track and directly take me to that task.

any ideas. ?

Thanks for the nice words about Flowsana.

Those links should definitely work. The only thing I can think of is that the browser session in which you’re trying to display the task doesn’t have permission to access it - is that a possibility?