Add ability to view @mention backlinks to a task

One of the best things about Asana is the ability to add @mentions other tasks. However it is not easy to see the reverse … that tasks A,B,C @mention task D.

For example, I have a task in Team A called “Add new feature to Product D”. Then there might be several related/followup tasks in various Teams B and C. Each of those tasks might have in the description See @“Add new feature to Product D” for details. But there is no way from the “Add new feature to Product D” task to see that these other tasks are mentioning it.

Currently the workaround is to go to the “Add new feature to Product D” task and @mention all the other related tasks. This is very tedious and requires lots of manual editing.

Yes, I could create a project that that contains all the various related tasks, but that is also much heavier solution that doesn’t really capture the essence of a simple backlink tracker.

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