Merging duplicate tasks should put a link on the master task

If task A is marked as a duplicate of task B, I want a link on Task B back to Task A.

Here’s my use case. Users use Asana as a ticket system for existing software. Often there are duplicate tickets submitted, but they hold slightly different information. If I mark task A as a duplicate of task B, i need to copy over the relevant info of Task A into Task B, else marking it as a duplicate is effectively no different from deleting Task A.

I think there used to be a line in the history of task B that would tell me this happened, but I don’t see this anymore.

Here’s a quick mockup of what I’m imagining:

The closest existing use case is this but that’s not what I mean. It’s also NOT this because this is creating duplicates of an EXISTING task. I’m talking about marking an existing task AS a duplicate.

Yes, I have the same issue.
I don’t see a backlink either, although it is mentioned in the function that it would create backlinks to merged tasks in the main task. I don’t see a comment, neither a remark somewhere in the main task.
What you made @matt21 is maybe a great way of refering back to merged tasks.

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I feel like this used to happen, but doesn’t anymore?
It seems to me there used to be more information detailed in the Comments section of tasks, including indicating when dates were changed, assignees changed, and it also included duplicate references.

But none of this information is there anymore.

Backlinks or references to merged duplicates seems like an obvious requirement; otherwise, what’s the value of merging duplicates rather than just completing one of them?

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Yes, exactly. Personally, I don’t like having this info in comments b/c I see comments as transient, and this information most certainly isn’t. There’s some precedent to that method with services like GitHub Issues but this seems a bit different to me. I’ll still take it over nothing, however.

@Matt121 Try this: Activity feed missing - #2 by Marie

Just got a piece of help from Phil Seeman

@Liohn_Sherer ok cool, that’s good news that it’s still there. I’m going to use that for now.

Still, I’d like that information hoisted. Trying to find duplicates out of a bunch of barely-relevant info about users changing the wording slightly isn’t terribly pleasant. I can see the arguments both ways about it, however. If you have many different tickets that really are the same, then sure bury them. But if they are slightly different, making them easier to get to seems better to me.

Agreed. It should be obvious when a task has had a duplicate merged into it, for easy reference.
The Activity option is way too busy and even there not at all obvious to find a duplicate. You’d have to know it was in there and go look for it.