[Duplicate] merged tasks should be marked complete

Asana team - I know you mark a task as [Duplicate] when merge duplicate tasks. However, I recommend that you also mark the merged task as complete so it doesn’t appear still. It still seems duplicative and I would prefer for it to be out of sight, out of mind once a task is merged w/it’s duplicate.

Hi @Drew_Chin, thanks for this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

@Drew_Chin, This is actually how it operates now, as explained in the caption when you Merge: “Merging will close this task as a duplicate and add its tags, collaborators, likes, dependencies, and a back-link to the selected task.”

It doesn’t mark it as complete but it marks it as closed, and closed tasks are hidden if you ask to view Incomplete tasks (as opposed to All tasks).

Given that behavior, what additional behavior are you asking for? If it’s specifically to mark the task as complete as well (check the checkbox), well, that may be an unpopular request because it’s not really known if that closed task is complete too. I bet that’s why Asana decided to make it behave as they do; seems the best they can do.

@Rebecca_McGrath, Unless I’m missing something the features is available now!