Duplicated tasks shouldn't be marked as complete by default - not logical

When duplicating a task or subtask, it’s automatically marked as complete, and it has to be manually incomplete. I don’t understand why this would be helpful, or what would be a case when I duplicate a task (which is a new task) it would already be completed.

Welcome, @Cole_Fox,

This isn’t the usual behavior and I can’t reproduce this problem.

Is there a chance a rule is in effect that’s marking complete?

Please share a video otherwise.

Update: I see you are duplicating an already complete task so the update starts out complete too. You may want to use it as an incomplete task going forward, but another common reason for doing this is to keep as a record or a backup. Asana makes the duplicate as is (the least confusing approach), then you decide how you might want to change it.

Consider using task templates instead of duplicating tasks in case that helps.



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Hi Larry,

See video I just made here: Duplicate task marked complete by default?

Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks, @Cole_Fox, that let me understand your request. I updated my last post above to make it more complete so see that for details.

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Understood. Thanks for the insight and quick replies Larry.

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In duplicating a project, the option to select, just like Assignee, should be something you can choose:

  1. Leave Completed
  2. Change to incomplete

That’d be cooler if Asana did.


Yeah, this definitely needs to be included in the feature list. We use task templates all the time, but we have to set up duplicates of existing tasks, too, after they’ve been completed. So having to mark them incomplete every single time we do it is an unnecessary step.


YES! I thought I was missing something but it’s so illogical that a duplicate project has everything marked complete! Frustrating waste of time!

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Yes. There are checkboxes for duplicating the Dates and Collaborators etc, it is inconceivable there is no way to turn off completions!

Asana, fix this!

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