Duplicate Project Options: Mark All Tasks & Subtasks as Incomplete

When using the “Duplicate Project” function, add in two options:

  • Mark all Tasks as Incomplete
  • Mark all Subtasks as Incomplete

If a board was not originally created as a template, this would allow you to create a template from a recent board without having to backtrack and mark all tasks and subtasks as incomplete.


Definitely need to change task status from Completed to Incomplete when duplicating a project (at least in my world.)

Did this ever get resolved - we have hundreds of tasks which will not be effective to incomplete all - surely we can do this in bulk some way?

I’m surprised this doesn’t have more replies! I have the same concern — when I duplicate a completed project, all the tasks on the duplicate project retain the completion status of those on the original project.

When duplicating a project, in the window where you can check which project & task attributes you would like maintained in the new project, 2 new options should be added: one for task completion status and another for subtask completion status. If you were to check these options, then the completion status of all tasks and/or subtasks (respectively) on the new project would match that of the original project. If you did not check them, then the completion status of all tasks and/or subtasks (respectively) on the new project would be incomplete by default.

I hope the Asana team will add this feature, or at least a feature to mark all tasks & subtasks incomplete in a project without having to select them all!


I’m just giving this one a bump. Has this been resolved yet? Presumably if you’re duplicating a task it’s because you completed all the tasks the first time…

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I am also wondering if there is a solution to this issue, our templates will always need updating and being able to just copy the latest project to create an updated template will save alot of time!

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