create custom template from project with completed tasks

I have a project that is completed and as this will recur I want to use this project as a basis for a template. I didn’t create the template early on so I could capture additional tasks that were created as the project progressed. Issue is that selecting create a template does not include completed tasks (which doesn’t make sense to me but whatever). So a new template only has the uncompleted tasks which is not of much use. Going back to the project and uncompleting all the tasks will fire them off to be done again. Again not what I want to happen.
Duplicating the project, duplicates everything as it is with all the tasks completed. Again same problem.
How does one create a template from a project with completed tasks? I don’t see a way to tell asana to use all tasks regardless of completion status.


I agree it could be easier!

My approach is to duplicate the project as a start, and leave off or remove project members and task assignees and collaborators so as to avoid notifications.

Multi-select up to 50 tasks at a time to mark them incomplete. You can continue other cleanup here then convert the project to a project template, or do that other cleanup after converting to a project template (the interfaces are a little different so you may have a preference).

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I think the simplest way would be to duplicate but remove all assignees… then uncomplete tasks and then create the template…

@Becky_Manson, in my post, right before yours, I think I’ve already suggested this, right?

That’s unnecessary if you uncheck “Assignee” in the Duplicate project dialog.



I’ll do what you suggested. Thanks for the help.

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The solution of duplicating the project and marking the tasks as “incomplete” presents another problems (if you have tasks housed across multiple projects). I recenty duplicated a project that houses all milestone tasks in an effort to do as described above and the tasks doubled across all portfolios. This was a pain to fix.