Duplicating Project Reset

There should be a reset all button or just auto-reset when duplicating a project. I duplicated my large project, (15 main tasks, over 5 sub-main tasks and even more sub-sub task). For me to reset the project completely, I have to go into each task, hold Shift and then hit the complete button to incomplete. This would/ did take forever.
Solution: could be that when you duplicate the template/ project it auto reset as incomplete and the date could change to the current year.

This would save time and keep the transition of projects easier.

Hi @JenelleC welcome to the community.
If you are a premium or above user, you can use Templates to create your base project and the create the new project based on that template.

Have a look at this guide article for an overview of the template project.

Hope this helps.


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this is super helpful. to create a new task but it doesnt allow me change the dates on all the main and subtask.

Hi @JenelleC yes templates don’t allow that date movement based on a project start date.

However @Phil_Seeman has built a third part app “Flowsana” that I believe would be what you need once the project has been created…


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That interesting. I might not have done it correctly… because mine carried over. But I will check into “Flowsana”. Thank you for that!

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Hi guys,

I don’t understand this thread! I am trying to rollover a huge annual project (300+ tasks) into 2020. When I save the 2019 project (all tasks completed) as a template and then create a 2020 project using this project all of the tasks are still showing as complete? So I have to manually going into 300+ tasks and change to incomplete?

Appreciate any help!