Select option to copy “Task Status” while duplicating a task

What do people think about adding the option of “Task Status” while copying a task.
Now I have so many option I can choose from when I copy a task. The one thing I cannot control is whether I want to copy a task and mark it incomplete. It would be good to have that feature avilable.

Another thing is, it would be really cool if when I am copying a task, I have the option to control the custom fields that are copying with it.
For example - if I copy a task and there is a drop down custom field called months. It would be cool that when I select to copy the task, I get the option to choose from the drop down menu which month I want to select so when the copy command is done, I have a brand ready task. thoughts?

I use the duplicate function to create repetitive tasks but I don’t see an option to control whether the status gets copied over.

Here’s my workflow:

  1. Find an example task (i.e. completed task)
  2. Duplicate to create a new task (almost identical other than name, due date, minor details)
  3. Find the new task has the old task’s status (complete)
  4. Uncheck the new task so that it shows up as incomplete

My previous workflow consisted of having a template task with an incomplete status, but found that I had to keep modifying the task to keep it current so this newer methodology seems to result in less work (except for having to change the status).

Any suggestions on a better workflow or is there a not so obvious “status” flag I can set when duplicating tasks? If not, I’d like to suggest this as a feature request.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the Forum @Noriko :wave:t5: and thank you for reaching out!

As is stands, there isn’t a status flag you can opt to duplicate or not when duplicating a task. The status of the Task is duplicated by default. I believe the workaround you have explained is the one I would currently suggest.

I have moved your post to the #productfeedback category to allow other users in the Forum to support this feature request. Please note I’ve slightly edited the title to make it more discoverable.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Don’t forget to upvote it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, Natalia!

Looking forward to more features based on feedback being added to Asana.



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@Natalia - is there any rationale behind copying the task status when duplicating? I’m not sure I can see any reason why somebody would want to create a new (duplicate) task that is pre-completed… all the use-cases I can imagine would want the new task to be “new” and something that needs to be done in future.

When we copy a past/completed task with a lot of sub-tasks they ALL duplicate as “completed” so we have to manually go through all the sub-tasks and uncheck them. It is a boring process… hopefully this can get some attention and the behaviour changed.


A vote for not duplicating the completed status of a task. Just leave it as incomplete.

In addition to what @Christian1 has posted, if the duplicated task is a subtask of a recurring task, it becomes difficult to detect that the subtask is already marked as complete when the next recurrence is auto-created.

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Thanks for upvoting this request @Alex_Githatu & @Christian1

A few minutes ago I completed a recurrent task that had a completed subtask. The new instance of the task had it’s subtask correctly marked as incomplete. Does this mean that the issue has been resolved?

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Hi @Alex_Githatu
When a reoccurring task is created automatically, the subtasks are opened as incomplete.
The above feature requests a little bit more…
If you have a custom field and the custom field is a drop down and titled progress - if in yesterday’s task, the progress has been selected as complete, when the recurring task is created, the custom field remains ‘complete’. So hopefully more folks vote for this to give us further control on these recurring and tasks copy feature :slight_smile: