Ability to reset status when Duplicating a Completed Task

I use the duplicate function to create repetitive tasks but I don’t see an option to control whether the status gets copied over.

Here’s my workflow:

  1. Find an example task (i.e. completed task)
  2. Duplicate to create a new task (almost identical other than name, due date, minor details)
  3. Find the new task has the old task’s status (complete)
  4. Uncheck the new task so that it shows up as incomplete

My previous workflow consisted of having a template task with an incomplete status, but found that I had to keep modifying the task to keep it current so this newer methodology seems to result in less work (except for having to change the status).

Any suggestions on a better workflow or is there a not so obvious “status” flag I can set when duplicating tasks? If not, I’d like to suggest this as a feature request.

Thanks in advance

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