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We have a few projects where tasks are automatically marking themselves complete. When we try to mark uncomplete it works for a second and then auto-marks it complete again. We’ve used the Customize option to pause (see attached) and that seems to help. But wondering how to prevent this from happening in the first place.
Task - Customize

Hi! If pausing that rule has fixed the issue then it’s the rule that’s doing it! Something in that rule is causing your items to complete. Without seeing that rule in it’s entirety its hard to say, but I’d look out for other rules that are causing your Complete task rule trigger to happen.

If you can share a screenshot of that rule I could maybe help more. Or others may have more insight!


Thanks, Kasey! It definitely seems to be the rule, but I can’t tell what is wrong with the rule. See attached screenshot. I cross-referenced against the same rule in another project that is not having this issue, and they are exactly the same. Any insight would be so helpful!

@Rachel_Roush Your rule seems to be conflicting a bit because it basically says when task status is set to complete or task is marked as complete then perform both actions.
So even if a task is marked complete already the rule asks for it to be marked completed. I think this is where it might be coming from.
With the old rule builder we used to set up separate rules for such cases (such as if task status changed - mark task complete and a 2nd rule for if task marked complete - change task status)

Now I can see you are still using the old rule builder. I recommend deleting the rule and re-creating it via the new rule builder.

More info here. It is explained here how you can switch to the new rule builder.

The new rule builder is great as you can also set up branching. Which means your example could be set up like this:

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This is helpful, thanks @Andrea_Mayer. There are only a couple projects where this has happened. Attached is a screenshot of the rule from a project where the issue is NOT happening. Does that look the same as the one above (it does to me!)? I’m hesitant to make a sweeping change across all templates/projects if only a handful are having issues.


I can confirm your rule is a legitimate one that’s a shortcut some of us use to combine two rules into one. In English: “Make sure the task is both completed and Task Status v2 is set to completed when either a task is marked complete or Task Status v2 is set to Completed.” Only one of the two actions is needed by definition, because one of the two completed states must already be in place for the rule to fire. But this rule covers either case in one rule, not two.

I don’t know what your underlying issue is with the info provided so far, but just wanted to mention this rule is not necessarily the cause.



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Thanks @lpb

I thought this could be the reason for the issue as I was facing similar in the past a few times, hence why I always set rules up separately in such cases.

My suggestion then would be maybe to test to set up the rule via the new rule builder in one of the projects where the issue is happening and see if that helps @Rachel_Roush.

Otherwise may be best to reach out to Asana Support so they can look into it in more detail.

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Thanks, @Andrea_Mayer. I see the value of your approach too, and agree with your recommendations here to try to get to the bottom of the issue.

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