Milestones Automatically Completed by Asana

Hello! I’m new to Asana. I’ve recently received emails from Asana stating “Asana completed this milestone” on the date that the milestone was due. The milestones that were auto-completed did not have any subtasks associated with them. I haven’t added any workflows to the project yet, so I’m not sure what’s causing the milestones to auto-complete.

Any suggestions on how to handle this issue? Thanks!

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Hi @Tammy_Hung Welcome To The Forum - if it is saying this, it sounds like there is a rule in the project for autocompletion. Have a look in that project under rules and you might see one there that has a trigger with an action to complete.

I agree with @Danielle-GenD. It seems likely that a triggered rule is the cause of this outcome.

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Thank you @Danielle-GenD and @Paul_Grobler for your quick reply!

The project that I had created was based off of my company’s project template. I looked into the rules and I do see that the following 2 rules were set up:

Rule 1: Task completed → Set Task Progress to done
Rule 2: Task Progress changed to done → Mark complete

If there was no manual change made to the task progress, would the way these 2 rules are set up be enough to cause the milestone to auto-complete?

So if the milestone custom field progress was set to done then it would trigger off the completion

If that did not happen - perhaps someone accidentally bulk selected more than one milestone and then set the field to done, marking all the tasks as done would then complete them when this rule is run.

I take it those milestones are not multi-homed into other projects that might have rules?

I’m actually the only person editing this project. I hadn’t opened the project in a about a week, so I was a surprised to receive an email yesterday that said “Asana completed this milestone Jun 19, 2023 at 12:21am.”

You are correct that these milestones are not multi-homed into other projects. The milestones are unique to this project.

I’m wondering if I should delete the project and create a new one to see if this issue happens again?

Hi @Tammy_Hung it does sound strange.

You could try and recreate for sure or if you are comfortable we could jump on a 10min video call to try and troubleshoot?

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Hi @Danielle-GenD, yes, I would like to take you up on your offer to jump on a 10min video call.

Thank you so much for helping me troubleshoot the issue. There was indeed a rule under “My Tasks” that was set to complete the task on the due date. I appreciate your help!

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More than welcome!

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