Auto complete subtasks

In a perfect world everyone would follow the steps…the world is not perfect. Subtasks are being ignored (in Asana anyway) and only their parent task is being marked as complete. This throws off reporting accuracy. It would be great if you could create a custom rule to allow for this.

I am working on a custom action in rules to do it :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to post back here if that happens, otherwise regularly check the rules offered by “iDO things” in the rule editor!

Hi Julie,

A way that I remind my team to complete the subtasks before the main task is to make the main task blocked by (using dependencies) the subtasks. So they see the timer icon instead of the complete and if they try to complete the main task without completing the subtasks they get a reminder to complete the subtasks.

Hope that helps as a work around


That’s a great idea. Thank you!