Automatically marking a parent task complete when all subtasks have been completed

Hi all, i’m new to the Asana community and have a question about parent tasks and subtasks.

Is there a way to automatically mark a parent task complete when all the subtasks within that parent task have been marked completed. For example, I have a “general” parent task set up but is not assigned to any one person because multiple people have to contribute to that parent task. So instead, I create individual subtasks within that parent task, assigning them to each individual person. Each person then completes their work, marks it complete and moves on. However, when all individuals have completed their subtasks I’m still left with the parent task left unmarked/not completed because as mentioned above I did not assign it to anyone. It would be really beneficial if once everyone marked their subtasks complete the parent task (with no assignee) would automatically mark complete. Otherwise I have to go in and mark it complete myself.

Is there solution to this?

HI @Nancy_Saunders No, there is no automated way and for a good reason. All parent tasks should have an owner to ensure they are completed. Someone should be the final reviewer.

Hi @Nancy_Saunders. One possible option (if you have a Business account or above) which can automatically close out the parent task once the subtasks are complete is to set-up a Rule with the following trigger/action combo: Task is no longer waiting > Complete Task. And you would make the parent task dependent on the last scheduled subtask. This probably wouldn’t work as well if all subtasks have varying or similar expected completion dates, as you currently can’t make a task dependent on multiple tasks (ex - subtasks). More about rules can be seen here: