Complete subtasks in completed tasks - beta testers needed


I am working on a new tool to clean up an Asana organization and complete subtasks that are part of completed tasks. My initial rules are:

  • the parent task is completed
  • the subtask is unassigned
  • the subtask is inside project(s) the user has chosen
  • going only one level down

Is anyone interested to try it out?

EDIT: the tool is now available Asana Subtasks Cleaner: mark subtasks complete within completed task


I’d be happy to give this a go. I do think something like this would be beneficial for managing incomplete, associated subtasks.

I’m also interested in a tool that when ran it identifies instances where all subtasks are complete yet the parent is not. Rather than taking action, it would be nice to bring awareness to the condition. I often find that when all subtasks are complete it doesn’t necessarily mean the parent task is complete (e.g. subtasks are missing). This would provide the option to complete the parent or add additional subtasks to conclude the ultimate goal. Do you see any value in this?

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Thanks, I messaged you the link to the tool!

Hi Bastien,

I’d love to give this a whirl. It’s a pain point with my team that we can’t really use sub-tasks effectivey they way they are set up currently

I will be back to work next week and would love to help test this.

I’m in

I’m in

Love to test if still looking for people!

You’ve all been contacted, I look forward to your feedback!

If you still want volunteers, I’m in.

I’m in.

I would be willing to try it out.

I’d like to try it too. And I’d like a to include a member on my team as well.

Same here! Would love to try it out.

Would love to try this out! This would be awesome! We frequently struggle to keep track of which parent tasks have completed subtasks vs not.

I would love to test this out!!

Thanks everyone, I have enough beta testers for now :slight_smile:


Almost none of all the beta testers answered my message and gave feedback :pray: could you please test the tool and get back to me so I can move forward?

Thanks a lot

The tool is now available to all Asana Subtasks Cleaner: mark subtasks complete within completed task
I am still looking for all the feedback I can get! Thanks

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