Advanced Search to see Incomplete Subtasks with Completed Parent Tasks

Until there is some software updates to improve the subtask-parent task relationship (more on that below), I want to know if I can run an advanced search report to show me incomplete subtasks that are associated with a completed parent task?

The idea being that I could regularly audit / review these to either mark complete (assumption is they were done since the parent task was marked complete), so that they are no longer appearing in my incomplete / upcoming tasks view.

Thanks in advance!

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to vote for some of the ideas posted on these forums that support what I believe would be significant improvements to how Asana handles subtasks:

Vote to Prevent Tasks being Marked Complete is Subtask(s) are Incomplete

Vote to Display Subtasks in Task List View

Vote to Give User Options for Handling Subtasks when Parent Task is Marked Completed

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Good point. And I can’t see a way to find incomplete Subtasks of complete parents with Asana Advanced Search.

Also, I can’t tell from a Task list with Subtasks listed or from the Subtask’s pane if the parent Task is complete or not. An indication from both locations would be helpful.

Unless someone is more clever and can find a way to do it. I would suggest moving this to Product Feedback for voting.

A workaround for not completing the parent Task of incomplete Subtasks is to make the parent dependent on one or more of the Subtasks. As discussed in this topic.

And if you haven’t already, please vote for these Subtask improvements.

I saw that recommended workaround with adding a subtask labeled something like “Reminder to complete all subtasks” to the subtask list and then making the completion of the parent task dependent on that reminder subtask being completed in order to (somewhat) prevent users from closing out the parent without addressing any incomplete subtasks. It’s not exactly an elegant solution since it requires user to not only create that reminder subtasks, but to build out the dependency.

I’ve voted for just about every feedback request related to subtasks and suggest anyone else who stumbled across this post do the same!

Still hoping someone can help me out regarding the advanced search for subtasks associated with completed parent tasks…

Bumping this in hopes that someone from Asana sees this and has a suggestion.

I’d really like to find my poor orphaned subtasks and give them a proper home (or burial)…

That wasn’t a useful suggestion, especially without linking to a relevant video, but thanks?

It appears you simply responded to promote your app development company?

@Marie can you provide any assistance here?

@Ben_Brenner, I created a Product Feedback topic for this here.

Thanks, @Vince_Mustachio, got my vote!

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