Making tasks dependant on sub-task


I am looking into Asana for our office and was wondering whether it was possible to create a task with sub-tasks but you then cannot tick the task complete until all the sub-tasks are ticked first?

Any feed back or possible ways to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

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Not possible natively in Asana, don’t know any third-party app allowing this…

This is actually on my road map for Flowsana (along with some other sub-task-specific functions) but doesn’t exist yet.


Hi @Jonathan_Bradbury and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, this feature is not available in Asana at the moment, but keep an eye on Flowsana, looks like it could be a good solution in the future :slight_smile:

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@Jonathan_Bradbury, this is a popular request for Asana. Consider supporting it here.

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I’ve just set this up yesterday, You’ll need a paid Asana plan:

Set up a dependency chain in your subtasks. #4 dependent on #3, #3 on #2, etc…
Then in the parent task, mark as dependent on subtask 4. That’s it!

You could also make the parent dependent on ALL 4 subtasks, but that’s maybe not ideal per your situation.

I like to type random characters temporarily at the front of the last subtask so that when I use the “mark dependent on” function, it is easy to search and find that subtask (helps if that subtasks exists in multiple places).

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Very nice trick!

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Or make a Subtask for completing all Subtasks that the parent Task is dependent on.
This way there are fewer steps to configure it and no need to reconfigure it if the Subtasks change.