I tried to move a set of complete subtasks but they disappeared

I tried to move a set of complete subtasks out of their parent task but they are no longer showing up. I wanted to compile all of them under a separate parent marking them as complete. Do I have to find them manually now or is there an easier way to collect them?

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Have you tried using advanced search already? You can filter to find tasks, subtasks and a lot more such as locating tasks that have been marked complete recently, tasks that have a specific assignee etc

More info here: Using search & advanced search in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide


If you dropped them into a project that only shows Incomplete tasks, that’s normal, you should change the filter options at the top of the project.


Yes, I have! That’s helped in locating them but what I was hoping for was is seen in this screenshot. (I collected some of the tasks from the complete section and put them in)

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Thank you for the insight! The thing is, the previous parent task kept all the

completed subtasks in it. I was able to add a few of them back using the search feature.