Asana Subtasks Cleaner: mark subtasks complete within completed task


There is currently no way to have the subtasks completed when a task is marked complete. So I built a tool to, at least, be able to do this afterward, as a cleanup mechanism.

The rules are:

  • the parent task is completed
  • the subtask is unassigned
  • the subtask is inside project(s) the user has chosen
  • going only one level down

I hope that will be useful!




Thank you for sharing this tool with us, Bastien. I just gave it a try and it worked like a charm. I use a lot of unassigned subtasks to depict our workflows and this will allow me to clean up projects after completion. Thank you!

Wonderful Jose :slight_smile: i’ll share your quote on the product page if that is ok!

You my friend are a rockstar. This works great! Excited for the future tools that you build for Asana - invaluable. :slight_smile:

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tested it out and works great - but think is a use case for a feature that I have seen other users ask for (cause I was looking for it myself) - checklists.

similar to @JosePalomares I have tired using subtasks to catch those little details that are part of the process in getting something done - but the problem is you end up with a million tiny tasks, it really clutters up asana, makes reviewing tasks and projects messy, and add a whole layer of stress cause there are so many incomplete tasks.

thanks, Bastien, stress levels dropping - love your minimal website too!


@Bastien_Siebman would this work if the subtasks are assigned? We use sub-tasks to assign pieces of a larger task as many users do. However, some of those folks assigned to sub-tasks, complete their part and always forget to click the sub-task complete. Once our task is complete, we always have to look for unchecked sub-tasks. Would love to be able to check the task complete and any unchecked sub-tasks would be completed as well even if assigned.

@Martha_Hoffmann for safety reasons, I currently opted out assigned subtasks. But I’ll note to add this option!