Subtask / Incomplete


In tasks in a project you can choose to see completed task and/or incomplete taskts, but in sub tasks if you have many i cant find where i choose to see only incomplete. So if i have many tasks there i need to scroll down. is there a solution?


Hi Kjetil,

That’s a good question. The subtasks are organized and function a little differently than the tasks do. You will see your whole list of subtasks within the list at all times. When the subtask is marked complete they will grey out. I took a partial picture of one of my subtask lists below. You can see the first and last subtask was marked complete and the rest are still incomplete.
Since you can nest subtasks within subtasks (up to six levels) it makes it harder to have the same level of organization and filtering as the tasks. Here is some more information about subtasks:

If you like, you are welcome to make that feature suggestion within the product feedback section of the community. Asana loves to hear great ideas from product users.

I hope that helps,