Filter out completed tasks in sub-task view


Hey Asana! One of our uses is tracking meeting notes and agendas for our personal meetings. For example, we’ve each got a project for “Standing Meetings”, with a task for each person or recurring meeting we have. In the subtasks, we track agenda items and meeting notes. It’s working FABULOUSLY. However, after a few weeks of use, we are running into a loooooong problem. We can’t filter the view of subtasks to show only the incomplete tasks! I’ve got my one-on-one with my direct boss in there, and it’s a very long and visually cluttered list. Can we add in the same sort of view sort we have at the main task level?


Great idea. @Laura_Johnson

I’m having the same issue. Extended sub-task list which means I can’t easily view any outstanding sub-tasks or the comments on the master task…

Ability to filter, a toggle or tab in this section so that we can easily

  • show all
  • show incomplete only; or
  • show complete only

Would be very handy… to avoid endless scrolling and potentially missing things.


We are having the exact same issues - would be great to be able to filter out completed vs incomplete sub-tasks.


I agree, this needs to be an added feature.


Add this feature! This is a huge limitation & constrains our ability to fully use the product.


for now, you can open browser console and run this code to hide all completed tasks:


refresh to show them again


I am unfamiliar with browser console. How do I run this code? I have opened the console, but where do we paste and run this code? I tried ctrl+shift+P, but get an error message.



Can i filter out completed tasks in sub-task view now? seems i cannot do this.


Please add this! We would also benefit from filtering for all, incomplete, or complete subtasks