Filter to display/hide subtasks in a project

NEED: To be able to review a simple list of all tasks and subtasks assigned to me in a given project.

SUGGESTION: There should be a quick-filter under the Project > Filter menu that toggles the inclusion of subtasks in filter results.


It makes no sense to be ‘menu-diving’ through all tasks and sub-subtasks of a project to review items assigned to me.

Currently, the options available to review my subtasks are less than adequate:

  • The Filter function in projects is great. But it only shows tasks. No subtasks.

  • I could go to My Tasks, but of course subtasks in My Tasks, somewhat controversially, don’t reference the projects they are in.

  • I can create a report that shows all tasks and subtasks assigned to me for a given project. So that works. But for every project I want to review, that means I have to: Refine search > In projects > (search for the project) > Click Search. Or the alternative would be to duplicate my project hierarchy with a bunch of saved reports. Both cumbersome options for what should be basic reporting/review functionality.

Of course, these problems can all be managed with some creative setup and a bit of extra manual admin. We covered some options on another thread in the Tips & Tricks category.

But it seems to me that a subtask quick-filter inside the project filters would be a complete solution to the problem and would meaningfully increase the utility of the nested subtasks functionality.

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Hi @Antoine_Palmer and thank you so much for sharing this great feedback with us!

You are correct here. As it stands, is not possible to Filter your Subtasks within a Project. I completely understand how useful it would for you and while I can’t promise when or if this will be implemented any time soon, I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I have an update!

Have a great Wednesday Antoine!


This would be great for our purposes. We have some custom fields we want for subtasks (tracking time estimates), but since subtasks don’t support custom fields unless they’re added to a project, we’re stuck with an awkward choice:
-either produce tons of noise by adding all subtasks to the project they’re in
-or track hours in the main task, which loses granularity, since subtasks might have different assignees than the parent task.

In a perfect Asana, subtasks could have custom fields w/o needing to add them to a project, and the parent task would automatically sum the numeric values of its subtasks. That’s not how Asana works, though, so being able to toggle subtask visibility seems like the next best option.

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HI Natalia,

Do we have any update on this?

I have just same issue, and would be very happy to find a solution :slight_smile:

Could not believe such a standard requirement might not possible into Asana.

Many thanks for your update. (in this context of Coronavirus spread, positive answers would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:



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Welcome to the Forum @Yann_JOSEPH-ALEXANDR :wave:t5:

I’m afraid I don’t have any news to share regarding this topic at the moment but let’s see if we can find a workaround for your current workflow! Would you mind sharing what are you trying to achieve ?

Thank you @Yann_JOSEPH-ALEXANDR ! Looking forward to your reply!

+1 Our team can’t filter tasks assigned to them and include subtasks in the view, which seems very counterintuitive

  • 1 same here. Being able to filter to include sub-tasks would be very useful.

I am pretty devastated that I cannot have a filtered view of subtasks. During my Scrum meetings I want to be able to filter by assignee and see all subtasks assigned to them. Is there anyway to achieve this in Asana?



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Me also, can someone provide a view on whether a feature update has been scheduled on this point?

The inconvenience of making subtasks (and the even more hidden sub-subtasks) visible in the Timeline and List views is a real deal-breaker for people who used to use Miscrosoft Project and were hoping Asana might be a more modern online alternative.