sub tasks assigned to a user not displayed if filtered by that user

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: in the main “List” overview of tasks in a project board, if i filter by myself (or any user) and i am assigned to subtasks, these subtasks are not displayed anymore in the “List” overview. I guess it´s a bug.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: chrome and IE

Upload screenshots below:

If i filter for “my tasks only” i lose the overview of the subtasks related to the main tasks.

it´s lowering the user experience if you want to quickly review all tasks properly including all attributes (fields) of the subtasks. clicking on the main tasks and displaying the subtasks attributes and details in the right panel is not user friendly at all because subtasks attributes and details are not displayed (unless you further click on them losing the overview of the main task).

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here what happens when i hit “just my tasks” filter:

Hello @Matteo_Dubini, happy to help you.

As of now there is no way to filter our subtasks in the main list.

Although you can create a chart in the “Dashboard” section to view the subtasks of that project.

You can also select the results and will show the subtask list from that chart in the search page.

@Marie Is there something else we should recommend Matteo?

Hello @chilosada thanks for your reply although this is not really helping us.
We run project status report meetings (project alignments) at multiple level of the organization (with different stakeholders) and we would like to have in the main list (overview of a board) the main tasks and related subtasks (maximum +2 levels of subtasks) all in the same main list with all the related fields (columns-attributes) in there.

I am suggesting to consider this feature to be added to asana. Maybe a talk with product management?

For us this is really key to consider Asana as our PM tool.



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