Create rule linked to Milestones

Is there any way to create a rule that triggers on milestones within projects?

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Milestones being completed you mean?

I wanted to create a rule that triggers a milestone to be completed

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Hi @Kasey_Signall, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

While we don’t have Rules linked to Milestones just yet, hopefully this is something our Product team will implement in the near future.

Feel free to vote for this existing request in the #productfeedback category:

Even though the rules can complete a task (a milestone is a task) I am sensing you’ll want something like “When all tasks in a section are completed, complete the milestone” or an equivalent? And that is not possible indeed.

@Rebecca_McGrath Thanks for getting back to me. The rule I was hoping for would be “when a task is added to this project Mark as Milestone”. When you run reports it pulls all tasks and subtasks, which are great for some things, but we need them for deliverables for customers which we mark those requests as milestones then build subtasks on that. If they are marked as milestones immediately we could see our bandwidth for customer deliverables immediately across all projects.

If you can, try to avoid such a situation. For example what you describe in my opinion is more of a section with tasks, and a milestone at the end. Did you consider such a setup?

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