Any way to trigger rules conditionally, or create them at the task level?

Our company has a very detailed workflow, and large, detailed Asana projects to match.

Part of the workflow calls for regularly-scheduled meetings with stakeholders. These meetings need to include a progress report, plus follow-ups on requests that have been made but not yet completed.

I’m trying to work out a way to dynamically build the agenda for those calls as the project progresses.

For example, the next uncompleted task with the tag “Stakeholder Meeting” would get a comment or sub-task added to it whenever a project Milestone is marked complete OR when a new task is added with the tag “Stakeholder Request.” Once that “Stakeholder Meeting” task is marked complete (the call has been completed), then the next task with that tag would get the updates. And so forth.

I know there are other ways to surface this kind of information, but when you’re in the middle of a call, it’s nice to have everything all in one place. Honestly, we’d even settle with updating a Google doc, it’s just that I don’t see a way of automatically filtering the filters for rule triggers so they can be applied conditionally.

Is there any way to accomplish this with vanilla Asana, or an integration? I’ve done some looking but so far haven’t found a way to accomplish this.

Hey! I’m a big fan of rules.

You can create a rules-based workflow with the “trigger” being the completion of the task (or moving to a specific section, for instance) - and then trigger the creation of subtasks with Flowsana

@Phil_Seeman is the founder of Flowsana and might be able to advise further. It’s a useful tool.

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@Joe6 Thank you for your reply. I looked at the task-completion rules, but it doesn’t look like you can filter when the trigger happens (i.e., only for milestones), nor select another task to add the subtask to.

Do you know of a solution that offers that kind of flexibility? I know the reporting dashboard widgets have pretty powerful filtering options, so I was hoping for something like that with rules.

Hi @Matthew_Lewis, nothing like that is available natively, unfortunately. Not sure if some of our @pforumleader have custom solutions for that.

If you have custom fields, then you can create rules that will apply on only some tasks, and not all tasks. Cutom fields options become conditions so that the rules is trigered or not.
This can be an idea?