Specific Subtasks as triggers

Is there a way to use specific subtasks as triggers for custom rules. The only interactions with subtasks in rules is to lump all subtasks together and not choose a specific subtask to be a trigger.

I am trying to create a rule that will mark a task complete when an auto-generated “inspection” subtask is marked complete. Previous sections of the project are giving the tasks other subtasks that once marked complete move the tasks into the inspection section. Once in the inspection section the subtask “inspection” is auto-generated and added to the task. I would like to have the task be marked complete and moved into the completed tasks section when this “inspection” subtask is marked complete but cannot select the specific subtask to trigger this rule.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


If “inspection” is the last take to be completed as a subtask there is a rule that will do this:


If this won’t work for your use case, can you please provide additional information?


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Trying to do something similar with unique rules for tasks within a project. I am finding that Asana is built to use board view with a progression based workflow. It doesn’t cater very well to list based projects. I like to use sections to group work by type rather than progression.

I would love it rules were able to be uniquely applied to a single task in a project and not universally to accommodate different workflows. (I would also love if you could templatize sections in projects, but that is a separate issue that at least has a clumsy workaround).

HI @Tim_Schellenberg is there anyway of creating an identifier with a custom field, because then you can use that to designate which tasks follow certain rules?

Additionally you can use workflow bundles if you have enterprise to templatize sections with rules.

I am currently exploring that path. I understand that past ways of doing things may not be the way forward (coming from Basecamp). But, it would be nice to make a rule on a task by task basis in contrast to adding five filters to that general rules can apply to limited scenarios.

For anyone interested, here is a thread requesting this feature that you can add your vote to:

Hi @Sean_Gibson1 – checking in to see if this worked for your use case?