Rules triggers and action for subtasks within the same workflow

Building a new project using workflow.
The project is built with sections, and custom fields.

To keep the visibility contained the list (or board) view, we are using subtasks for dependabilities.

Right now I can build a workflow for the task itself. I would like to be able to continue using workflow within the same screen but continue the action to subtask.

Here is an example:

Trigger: When task is moved to section A,
Action: create subtask 1

I would like to continue within the same workflow and say:
Trigger: when subtask 1 is marked complete
Action: change status to Y

I would like to see rules coordinate the flow between tasks and subtasks as it will create an enhanced efficiency for teams to work



I added my vote.

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Yes yes! I need this to happen. The reason for me is that I need to include multiple approvals within the same task. If triggers can only be attached to whole-task changes, then that limits things a bit.


I got excited about setting up some rules after I reviewed the feature. Then I realized that there is no way to apply the rules I built to sub-tasks.

This feels like a really big shortcoming. Why would I not want to do the same thing to subtasks?

In fact, why are sub-tasks different than tasks? They should be just nested tasks, but there seem to be a number of features that don’t work well with sub-tasks. :frowning:



FYI the rules capability in our Flowsana integration supports rules on subtasks.


I can’t believe this trigger doesn’t exist. It should also exist for Approval subtasks


Hey Everyone,

Looks like Asana quietly released a feature to address this. Now we can run rules on subtasks. This is huge for me!! :man_dancing:

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It doesn’t work for me. I would like to assign the responsible person to a subtask accordingly to the responsible person for the main task. It should work like this if you move the main task to this section create a subtask “Phone call”. This works fine. But the rule that assigns a responsible person to the task and the subtask is not working. The subtask has no assigned person only the main task. It doesn’t work even if there are some subtasks in the main task either.

Hello @Paweł_Popławski
Welcome to the forum.
I am sorry you are facing issued with the rules. I tried to apply the same rule you explained and I faced no issues. It worked. If your issue persists, I suggest contacting support team.

Can you create a rule that once a specific subtask is checked as complete, it moves to a specified section?


Not for a specific subtask, only for all subtasks in the project.

As a workaround, you can use a custom field set to a certain value and use that value as part of your rule trigger (or rule condition in the new rule builder) to isolate a rule to run only on one specific subtask.