Allow Rules for Subtasks

exactly what im trying to do.


I would like this feature too please! :raising_hand_woman:

Adding my opinion to this. We need this. This feature is essential.


I understand there is no way to trigger a rule from completing a subtask. But is there a workaround?
I am adding an approval subtask as soon as my Tasks move to the “Review” status. I just want the task to move to “ready to publish” when the status of the approval changes to approved, or to move to “prepare to publish” when the status changes to “corrections needed”.

I really think this feature is essential!


@Christopher_Schultz - Agreed. Agreed. Agreed!

Happy and a bit disappointed to find this thread, I came on to the forum to question if I could add a rule to a subtask and this popped up. We have an ongoing project that is triggered by form submissions, and I have to manually go in to add in due dates for each subtask (they change based on the due date/when the form is submitted) but I would love to have the first subtask - me assigning due dates to each subtask - to auto assign a due date so it is added to my tasks. I hope this feature is added soon!

Any update on if this feature will be developed? It would be extremely useful for our team and I don’t really understand why this would not already be developed. One of the things we love most about Asana is the ability to create automation via rules however this is presenting a very limiting experience at the moment.


Waiting for this feature.

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Following up on this. Does anyone know if this feature is accessible at all? Completion of subtasks when status is changed?

It would be great to have subtasks trigger an action. For example, I have a project acting as a CRM with several subtasks for Initial Contact etc… I would like to have a rule where if I complete the subtask Initial Contact, it moves the task into my In Conversation column. Then when I click the subtask Transition To Strategy Call, it moves the task into Call Confirmed column. Lastly, I have a random number of Follow Up # fields where I click them to track how many times I have followed up with the prospect. At a given number of follow ups I want to move the task into a Dead Trail column.

This way I can categorize the conversation based on what is happening on a more granular level. This would really enhance Asana as a CRM.

I’ve just found the Approvals subtask type which would have been a great way to solve this problem, however it isn’t available as a trigger.

This is the most obvious solution, being able to have a rule where an Approval subtask can trigger an action e.g. move the task into a different column

This is indeed not the way Asana works at the moment, you should join this discussion Rules triggers and action for subtasks within the same workflow

Hi @CreativeNorthMedia,

There is actually an existing Product Feedback topic for this request; I’m merging yours with that one; be sure to add your vote.

(Also note that our Flowsana integration does support subtasks in both triggers and actions in its rules. :slight_smile: )

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@Phil_Seeman Exactly How does Flowsana do that? I have it and I cannot find that info or set up. Yes there are instructions on how to auto add subtasks or add due dates, etc. However there is nothing on how to apply a rule to a subtask.

I need to be able to have the task move to another section once all subtasks are complete. Is this possible with ANY app/plugin?

When you create a rule (or any workflow) in the Flowsana web portal, at the bottom of the create screen is this dropdown that lets you tell Flowsana whether to apply it to subtasks:


Not currently possible with Flowsana, and I don’t know of any other apps that allow for that level of logical complexity. Like Asana, Flowsana’s rules act on the task that triggers the rule and don’t have the additional logic built in to check related tasks (in this case, all subtasks).

We use subtasks for approvals in our organization, and we are running into issues with not being able to create automation rules that use subtasks as triggers. What I would love to see included as a feature in Asana is when a subtask is approved it could be used as a trigger in an automation rule to send a comment on the main task or change a custom field of the main task.

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Hi @Emily_Roman has there been any progress on this? I would like to create a rule that automatically assigns someone to a sub task


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What about specific subtasks, for example, if we want to move a task from one section to another when the “Review” subtask is complete?

Hi - no, as mentioned in your other thread, this isn’t currently available in Asana or Flowsana, sorry.