Rule trigger for subtasks complete with task in a section

I agree, this has been open for far too long with plenty of people needing the functionality…

I’m a video editor and while I prefer other Kanban boards, our company uses asana.

I want so badly to have this setup.
Sections: Idea, Production, Editing, Complete

Task in Idea Section with subtasks (via template)

Rule: Move to Production Section once Initial subtasks are complete and add Production subtasks

Rule: Move to Editing Section once production subtasks are complete and add Editing subtasks

Rule: Once editing subtasks are complete prompt Video lead to QC the edit and mark complete

Rule: Move to Complete once marked complete.

It’s such a SIMPLE workflow but cannot work because once subtasks are complete it will just skip middle sections and go to the latest section in the chain asking for completed subtasks.

Something as simple as

Rule: IF task is in section AND subtasks are all complete, run rule

is so ridiculously easy to comprehend and it makes ZERO sense why devs haven’t given us this extremely simple and VERY necessary update…

Welcome, @Phil_Castillo,

Doesn’t this address your need? (Requires Business or Premium) Note that “moved to a section” can also mean “is in a section.”

Also, I moved your post to a new thread because it was not related to the read where you originally posted.



I was having the same issue. I figured out a solution (I hope) for you.
I have a workflow setup similar to yours where there are multiple phases (sections) with subtasks and once all subtasks are complete in a section I want them to move to the next section. But once the all subtasks for the first phase were marked as complete the task would move through each section and never stop.
I think somehow asana’s trigger system is ffaster than the rules automation. So the trigger kept triggering the task through each section instead of stopping for the subtasks to be created.

For the trigger rules you need to click the three dots and UNCHECK the toggle that says “allow this rule to be triggered by other rules” - this makes it so the triggers stop triggering and allow the automated subtasks to appear. Hopefully this helps!

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I do not think this is a solution.

The reply by @anon90740916 addresses the specific problems @Phil_Castillo raises.

That said, adopting @anon90740916’s advice to uncheck “allow this rule to be triggered by other rules” still doesn’t seem to work properly for me, with my test Workflow which is very similar to @Phil_Castillo’s.

Does uncheck “allow this rule to be triggered by other rules” work properly for you? (It doesn’t seem to for me)

I have a similar Workflow to the OP for videos to be embedded in our website.

What I want to happen is that in each step of the workflow when all subtasks are completed it triggers a new rule which moves the Task to the next Section, and adds a new subtask for that section.

So once a Task is moved to the section Record it should create a subtask Record. When that subtask is marked complete it should move the task to the section Edit and create a subtask Edit. And so forth for Upload to YouTube > Captions > Embed in Partner Portal > Complete

Before I followed your advice the Task would be automatically taken through all the steps, even though at the first (and subsequent) steps a new subtask should have been created which, by dint of not having been marked complete, should have stopped any further Rules being applied.

(I also suspect the trigger system is faster than the rule which creates the new subtask.)

But when I followed your advice the Task still ended up in the wrong place, with all the subtasks created, and seemingly haven been taken to all the different Sections along the way,

Any suggestions?

@Michael_Fink and @Phil_Castillo,

Apologies, my reply back in July only addressed half of the question, so that wasn’t a great answer. (I didn’t follow up because Phil never replied again.)

Regarding @anon90740916’s suggestion, I think that may be a red herring.

I believe the following is a solution.

Here’s what the sections look like, and it shows one task that has moved through the workflow you described (rules will follow):

So if you start by adding a Task2 in section Record with a subtask of Record, and then mark the subtask complete, you’ll see this:

If you then mark the Edit subtask complete, you’ll see:


Hope that helps,



Thanks. We have just updated to a Business Plan, but I don’t think I have access to the new rule builder yet.

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I am having this same problem right now. I have solved it by adding a custom field and if you mark it yes it moves. Do you know how to check what version of Asana you are running to find out if you can get the rule builder?

Welome, @Kelly_McCoy,

The new rule builder is rolling out and all you can do is go to rules and see if it looks like the new rule builder in the screenshot above or the classic.



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