When a specific subtask is completed, have a rule to move the task to a different section

As stated in the title, it would be greatly beneficial to have a custom rule that allows us to move the main task to a separate section in the project. So for example, if I have a task titled Process Order, and under it are subtasks such as:

  • Confirm order
  • Ship order
  • Receive invoice

I could have a rule so that when I click ‘confirm order complete’ it moves from the first section, ‘New Order,’ to the second section ‘Shipping.’ When ship order is completed, it moves to the section ‘Receive invoice.’

This would allow teams to see what stage each other is in with a mere glance when looking at the board, and without having to manually move tasks around.

I have been looking for something which allows this. I have 1 task as one area for project (one task for each town 5 towns on the project in total), each task has different sub-tasks within it. Each of these sub-tasks are different stages of the project I am working on for example they are the following

Main Sections

  • Planning
  • Pre Stage
  • Ready For Installation
  • Completed

Sub-Tasks (within each task)
1 - Drawing and Design
2 - Pre Build and program
3 - Installation
4 - Testing and Commission

What I would like is if I complete Sub-Task 1 the task then automatically moves to the “Pre Stage” Section, then when I complete Sub-Task 2 it then moves into the “Ready for Installation” Section.

What I was wondering did you have an answer for what you have asked?

Hi @N_Wod and @Rae_Lland ,

Welcome to the forum! What you’re looking to do is a little difficult in Asana, but you could consider using a combination of custom fields and rules to accomplish.

E.g., you could create a custom single-select field called “Stage” (or whatever) with options to represent each of your statuses on the parent tasks. Then, create two rules: one that triggers when that stage field changes and another that triggers when all subtasks are complete.

The design would roughly be:

  1. Create parent task.
  2. Change stage field → create stage’s subtasks
  3. When all subtasks are complete → change stage to next one
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for however many stages you have.

I am trying to emulate the above also.

Is there any other solution? The below suggestion does not make sense to me.