Rules: all tasks complete move section


I have a question whether it is possible to create a rule that when all tasks in a section are complete the whole section is moved to another section within the same board.

Hey @Paulien_Illy,
Just to clarify you want the completed tasks within that section to move to another section when they are all completed? Or you want to have a section inside a section ?
There is a rule that when a task is complete it moves to another section but if you need to wait for all the tasks to be completed to then move i’m not sure how you would approach that.

Hi Danielle, I meant indeed the latter. I want all tasks within one section to be marked as complete to be then moved to another section that I called ‘done’. This so I can still keep track of all the tasks within a project before its moved in its entirety to the ‘done’ section

Ah okay, unfortunately rules cannot apply to sections in this way it would have to be one by one or there needs to be a trigger point

Hi @Paulien_Illy

I’m not sure if the following idea meets the need, but you never know :wink:

If you create a relationship like this between tasks A, B, C, D:


Then you can create a rule that says :

  • if the tasks are unlocked
  • then they are validated and move to another section

And so in this case, you validate only the milestone D, and that validates and moves A, B and C automatically.