Section Rule is running on entire Project


I’m facing the problem that a section rule is running on all sections. I checked all settings but I couldn’t find the problem. Then I created a new project from the scratch. In that new project the section based rule works perfectly.

Hi @Oliver_Z

The screenshot above should have the second trigger of marking task complete to capture both possible user actions.

As to the Rule triggering on all sections, the above Rule looks good. You may have another Rule that takes action also. Such as when marked complete. So I would review all the Rules within your project.

Hi Getz_Pro,

thanks for your feedback. What I have:


  1. Task moved to a section
  2. Task marked complete


  1. Move task to a certain section

What exactly is wrong and how can I accomplish the target: A task in section A should be moved to section B if the task status is marked as complete.

Sorry @Oliver_Z I looked at this incorrectly the first time.

You are correct on the above. This will trigger when a task is in that section, then marked complete, it will move to the new section.

What you probably also have is another Rule stating when a task is marked complete → take action.

If so, then your project has two rules that trigger on a task marked complete. Your above rule does not exclude tasks within that section from other Rules being triggered.

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