My Rules show Active but with a message saying they haven't run yet.


I created these rules over a month ago when I created the project. I recently noticed that every rule on the board has the same message. Why would they not be running?

Hi @Nadeira_Laws-Craig

Probably a stupid question, but…

Are you sure some tasks have met the rule trigger(s)?
In other words, did you move some tasks to those sections? :wink:

ps: could you please show the rules full page (editor mode)

Hi Arthur …

Not stupid. I checked that myself. But yes, I was manually moving tasks to sections which should have changed the status to reflect the move. And, I was also updating the task status which should have moved the task to the corresponding section.

I just discovered that by deleting the latter, the rule works so perhaps they were cancelling each other out previously…?? My goal was to have the task moved when either of the two occurred. Is that still possible or shall I leave it as is?

Let me rephrase, I initially created the following rules:

-move a task to a section when the status is changed
-change the task status when the task is moved to a section

The rule that is now working is the first. But, I would like both to work.