My rule on task completion hasn’t not been running

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I have create a custom rule that when the task and all subtasks are completed, in a certain section, it will move to another project. During testing 2 weeks ago, it worked fine, but the rule has not ran in 12 days now. I have tried to recreate the rule several times, waited 24 hours, but the rule doesn’t run any more. None of my rules are running.

Rule flow:
When: task completion status is change
Check if: section is- Action item AND all subtasks are marked as completed
Do this: Move task to another project: Team completed tasks

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: chrome Version 120.0.6099.200

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Enterprise

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Jessie_Rusk, thanks for reaching out!

This should be the steps to follow for the rule to work:

  • Create a new task
  • Move it to the Action items section
  • Mark all subtasks complete
  • Mark the task complete

Could you follow the steps above and let me know if the rule still doesn’t work? Please note, you should also have access to the project where the task will be added.

Looking forward to your reply!

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