Task rules not firing properly or moving tasks to sections after saying they've fired

I set up new task rules today and having two different issues. For some sections, they are not firing at all, even based on the correct due dates assigned. No tasks are moving.

Additionally, in the “Tasks Done” section am getting alerts that the rule has fired, or in the history of the task it reads:

“Asana moved this Task from “Recently assigned” to “Task Done” in My Tasks. 7 minutes ago”

However the Tasks Done section remains empty?


For your first issue, if your trigger is “Due date is approaching” for a particular date, note that those rules only fire once just after midnight daily. If you didn’t wait for that yet, that’s why it didn’t fire. For example, if the trigger is Due date is approaching with a value of Today, then any tasks at midnight with the due date of today will trigger.

For the second issue, is there any chance you have a filter and you’re only looking at Incomplete tasks so you don’t see the completed one in Task Done?

If not, we’ll need more specific detail, like screenshots of these rule definitions and the tasks and your List view settings.