Rules not running in My Tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I recently created three rules in My Tasks to move tasks between sections depending on the due date: one to move tasks with a due date of today or tomorrow to my “Today” section, one for dates within the next week to move them to “Upcoming” and a third for tasks due in the next two weeks to move to a section called “Prep”. Since I created the rules, none of them have run. New tasks have been assigned to me with due dates that should have triggered these rules but still none have run.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: I use the desktop app on Windows.

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Beth_P,

Date rules (with no time component to them) are only evaluated once a day at approximately midnight (in the user’s timezone). Have you waited until a midnight has passed before checking those tasks?

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Hi @Phil_Seeman - yes, it’s been almost a week since I made these rules.

Hi @Beth_P

Do you have any other actions assigned to the triggers that may be hindering what you want the rules to follow?

It may worth contacting Asana support for this issue. I have provided the link below at your convenience.

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Hi @Mike_Tammaro - Nope, no other actions assigned. I will contact support. Thanks!

Can you share a screenshot of your rule please?

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