My Newly Created Rules Aren't Running on Any New Tasks

Hi! I’ve just created some rules in My Tasks. But each rule says it hasn’t run yet. I’ve add new tasks and tried a test task, but the rules weren’t triggered. Could you give me some pointers as to what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance! Victoria

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Are the rules time based rule such as due date rules? Because those will only trigger once around midnight in your timezone.

Ahhh - yes they are. I’ll keep you posted if they get triggered and are in the correct sections. Thanks for such a quick reply!

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Also here is an existing feedback request thread in case you would like such rules to run more ofteny

Hey @Victoria_Maxwell, just curious whether the rules ran?

It looks like all but one did! The one that didn’t was because there was no due date to trigger it. Still I’m going to do a test task in each section to make sure they are properly moving tasks to the correct section. I’ll make sure my rules aren’t interfering with each other and I’ll set up a rule to move a task with dues 2 days approaching and check in 3 days. That should clear everything up. But I’ll let you know. Thanks for checking in. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that the rules run. And yes testing is definitely always a good idea to ensure everything is running as it should.

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