1 rule running but 2 not running

I have 3 rules set up. 1 seems to run fine, the other 2 do not. The 2 show as active but also say ‘rule hasn’t run yet’. See attached ss.

I’ve never been able to get rules to work as expected. Do they just not work/buggy? Yes, have waited till midnight!

The rules are:

  1. Due today - move to a today section
  2. Due in 3 days - move to a ‘soon’ section
  3. Due in 7 days - move to an ‘upcoming’ section.

Thank in advance.

Hey @Damian_Soong it seems strange that they are not working.
The trigger for the rules is just for any task in the project or is there another trigger such as for tasks in a specific section only?

If not then I recommend reaching out to the Support team for further assistance as they have access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community team to be able to assist you.

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Thanks. I created the rules in the My Tasks section by clicking Customise - so I don’t think they’re section specific.

Looking at other posts in here it seems others have same issue of rules not working in My Tasks.
Seems so odd that Asana is so cumbersome to use to manage your own tasks. Really annoying having to use another app as well!

I’ve never seen an Asana rule not work but they’re often misunderstood.

Perhaps you could include screenshots of exactly the rules that are running, triggers and actions, so we can be sure we’re talking about the same thing?

Also, are you sure that the date matches precisely? Because that’s required. 3 days out means exactly 3 days out just after midnight; it’s not a range. Apologies if you already knew that, but just trying to debug without seeing.

What other app are you referring to?

For what it’s worth, here’s my recommendation which many have used successfully; it’s a combination of manual effort an automation; I prefer some manual control, but you may feel differently, of course:



Okay I see.

For us it is really tricky to help unless we can see the full set up as Larry explained so feel free to drop some screenshots here (blur any confidential details) or reaching out to support so they can look into this.

As normally the rules should definitely be working unless they are conflicting each other for example.

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