Rule stopped running 2 days ago?

Hi folks,

I have My Tasks divided into sections by Do Today, Do Tomorrow, etc. I set up a rule last week to move tasks with a due date of today into Do Today, but when I logged on this morning the relevant tasks haven’t moved and the rule says it last ran 2 days ago.

Anyone have any ideas why my rule hasn’t run in 2 days? For reference, I’m in Australia so it’s Monday morning for me - is this something to do with the weekend, or with it still being the weekend in the US? Otherwise I’m completely stumped rn.

Hello @EJ_Mann welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:
Asana would always be displayed in the time you have set on your Laptop also for example.

Are there potentially any rules that conflict with each other?

Also can you check the customize are whether it displays an error like the one below? As this would mean a rule is broken


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Hi Andrea, no errors showing up in the customisation area, and the rules have run fine every day this week so far. I’ll see whether the same thing happens this coming weekend and post an update…

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Update: the rules seem to have run fine over the weekend. So I have no idea what happened the first time around, but I’m happy to mark this as fixed!


Perfect great to hear!