Today Rule Not Working On Tasks

I have a rule for my tasks when the due date comes due, that it gets moved to my “Today” section. The rule will work for some tasks, but not all. And sometimes it works just fine for those tasks, then some of those tasks it eventually breaks on.

I’ve talked with Asana support a dozen times in the last year, and nothing seems to resolve this issue.

Hello @Jessica_Camerata,

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can resolve in the Forum, as troubleshooting an issue like that requires access to a lot of private info which can’t be shared here. A couple of things to note:

  • Rules won’t work on tasks in your “Recently Assigned” section. Tasks need to be sorted from the “Recently Assigned” section to other sections before rules can work.
  • Rules aren’t retroactive

If this doesn’t help, I would recommend persisting with support. We haven’t received any similar reports recently, so this is most likely related to your set up than a bug.

Sorry for not being able to help further via this channel Jessica!

How do i keep things out of recently assigned? I think thats the issue here.

Yes! When a task is assigned to you, it automatically goes to your “Recently Assigned” section. from there, you need to sort your tasks and move them to the most relevant section. Once you have done that, rules will apply to these tasks.

The “Recently Assigned” section allows you to take a first look at your tasks and organize them based on the due date and your preferences. For example, you may have a task due Friday that you could move to your “This Week” section. But if it is easier for you to complete this task today, you could put it directly in your “Today” section. This way, you can organize your work without changing the task due dates initially agreed upon with collaborators.

I hope this makes sense, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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I’m not sure what you mean here, because you can have a rule like this:

and it also works replacing the above trigger with Tasks added to Recently assigned. Both will allow you to circumvent tasks being left in Recently assigned and instead follow your rule action. (I just tested both of these.)

But I’ve never seen @Jessica_Camerata’s issue though I have rules like that; I agree maybe another shot with Support is needed (maybe a browser extension is gumming up the works?).


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Whoops I must look into this again @lpb!

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