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I have a rule set to move all tasks to the ‘Current Priorities’ section, if the task is due within 2 weeks. However, the rule seems to be broken and will move the task to the “Tracking” section. Does anyone else have this issue and or know what the problem is? Thanks!

Welcome, @Finley_Logan,

We’d have to see screenshots or a video (blur private info) of your Asana tasks before and after running the rules, the contents of all rules that might apply, and anything else germane in order to debug what’s happening.

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@lpb Thank you for your quick response. I have attached screenshots of the ‘test task’. The rule “Upcoming” is not working. I added “Test2 task” with an upcoming due date and it will not move to the ‘Current Priorities’ section. I would appreciate if my post was added to ‘Ask Questions to Ambassadors’, thank you.

Thanks, @Finley_Logan, now it’s more clear!

Your “Upcoming” rule trigger “Due date is approaching” is special in that “Due date is approaching” with a number of days (and no time) actually only runs exactly once per day a little after midnight. (Other rules generally run upon the triggering event, not just once daily like this one.) So first, know that your rule will only run then.

I think you expect it will be checking for <= 14 days before but that’s not how it works. It’s checking for exactly 14 days before. So just after midnight, exactly two weeks prior to the due date, this trigger would be true and cause the action to fire, but only that one single time (which has already past around 12/14 for task “test2”. If you really want to capture every day leading up to two weeks, you’d need to have 14 separate rules to cover all those dates. (Another option is to use the third party app which supports <= days triggers.)

To get comfortable with this process and not have to wait two weeks, you might want to test by temporarily making the trigger be “1 day before” and creating a test3 task due, say, Sunday, and doing both those things tomorrow. Then come Saturday morning, you should see test3 in CURRENT PRIORITIES.

Regarding “TRACKING” I can see you have a rule in effect there, though you didn’t screenshot its details, but I bet that rule is what caused a task to wind up in that section instead of CURRENT PRIORITIES.

Hope that makes sense!


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