Rules still not running

I can’t get rules to run. I have read all of the help pages, I read the existing forums, I have tried different variations to build the rule, and no matter what the rules won’t run automatically.

my biggest frustration is that this system is not intuitive at all. i can’t believe i’ve spent so much time on this and i’m still unsuccessful. it shouldn’t be this complicated.

Using Asana Starter + Browser/system info: I mostly use the desk top app, but I’m also on the most up-to-date version of chrome, my cookies are clear, my computer is new — this is either a bug or I can’t for the life of me figure this out.

I’m not going to recreate all of the rule variations I’ve tried because i can’t afford to spend any more time on this. This is how it’s set up currently:

Rule 1:
When: “due date is approaching” + "task is due today
Check if: “priority is set to” + “high”
Do this: “move task to section” + “high priority”

Rule 2:
When: “due date is approaching” + “1 day before”
Check if: “Priority is one of” + “medium, high”
Do this: “move task to section” + “mid priority”

@golz - sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Date-based rules trigger at midnight each day, so they won’t automatically trigger when you create them. Have you set these up and checked on them the next day?

For today specifically, you could filter your tasks and bulk-update them (one-time thing, don’t need to do this again in the future after setting up your rule).

Consider voting for this request, which addresses this issue:

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Hi stephen and thank you for responding! when i logged on today, the rules had not run.

The run rules now feature sounds good, but it also seems like an inadequate solution. As priorities shift throughout the day, I’d hope rules would run automatically. If i shifted priorities for a team-wide project, would I then need ask everyone to “run rules now”?

@golz - could you screenshot the current rule you have (from the rule builder, obfuscating any private data)? If you created it yesterday and there were tasks that should have been picked up, it might be a bug. One note: the due date approaching trigger will only fire if the specific day is met (i.e., due date is approaching in 3 days will not also pick up things due sooner, like 1-2 days out).

I think for your use case, you would ultimately want to add a second rule triggering on due date is changed, but your issue will be that there is no native condition for relative due dates (i.e., check if due dat is x days away). Consider voting for this feature:

You could check out using Flowsana to address this issue. The creator, @Phil_Seeman , is an active member of this forum and his tool does a lot of awesome stuff, including triggering when a due date is x or fewer days away. Check out his post here for more info:


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