Rule Issues- Move task to section when subtasks are complete

My client is having an issue with rules. He wants it to move to the next section when all subtasks are completed, this works find for the first section however the rule to add more subtasks seems to be running after the move rule on the following section.


Move to section 1 - add subtasks, when subtasks are complete move to section two
Section two - add subtasks when subtasks are complete move to section three.

But in section two it is moving to section three and adding the subtasks at the same time rather than waiting for the subtasks to be added and completed.

Is there a way around this so I can get one rule to run first

not a perfect solution, but the best available option

Actions happen in order, so though it isn’t a perfect solution, you could have the rule add a subtask before moving it to the next section. That way the rule in the next section wouldn’t “think” that all subtasks are already completed.

Alternatively, you could turn off “Allow this rule to be triggered by other rules.”

Hopefully one of those ideas will help. :slight_smile:


I haven’t tested to see if anything has changed in the new rule builder - I’d be surprised if it has - but historically the firing order of multiple Asana actions in a rule, or of multiple rules, isn’t guaranteed or consistent. Unless you’ve confirmed that this has changed, I wouldn’t construct anything that counts on rule actions executing in a particular order. But maybe it’s different now?

@Phil_Seeman - duly noted. Maybe that’s just based on my experience then. Didn’t know it wasn’t consistent. Solution unmarked. We’ll wait to see if anyone has a better way.

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Can you show me how to set this up? I need to do the thing: once subtasks are completed, move the parent task to the next section, but I don’t see the option to select subtask in the rules.
PS - I have 5 sections to move a task through so if you get an answer let me know!

@Danielle-GenD, I think the problem is that you need to specify multiple triggers ANDed together to avoid the kind of race condition that happens otherwise.

I believe this works (not sure if there’s a more compact way to do it):




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