Rules triggering out of sequence from different sections

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I tried creating a project following the idea in the video from the referenced topic. I have workflow rules that trigger as a task is added to a section with the intent of processing a form submission.

The form has checkboxes mapped to a field that are used to decide who a task/subtask should be assigned to

the checkboxes match the names of the sections

there’s an additional yes/no field to say whether or not a task has been assigned yet.

Someone fills out the form and says they need A, C, and D

task enters Section A:

  • assigns to person A
  • sets assigned to: yes
  • moves task to section B

task enters Section B:

  • there’s filters for each section that check if the field value has B, if not, send it to the next section

task enters Section C:

  • task has assigned set to yes:
  • task has value C
  • give it a subtask and set the assignee to C

Instead of going from A to B to C etc. The tasks are jumping all over the place. The task history has it entering and leaving the same sections multiple times. Which appears to me that the rules are not triggering section by section but by some other way.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 165801

The same thing is happening to me! This is extremely frustrating.

Welcome, @gdg and @JDB_XYL,

I didn’t follow every detail of your use case, @gdg, but I wonder if my answer to a possibly-similar question could help; I think it may be the same root cause and this provides a possible solution:



I solved the problem I was having by creating another custom field to hold a temporary value for form processing. It’s now working to create create a primary task and multiple subtasks from a form with a multi-select field.
And that’s how we’re using Asana as a help desk ticketing system.

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