My Tasks are skipping to random sections in my workflow

Here is part of my current workflow that is resulting in tasks going to random sections:

  1. Tasks are being added to the project through a form (These forms will be called “Dev Forms”)
  2. The forms are created as an approval (Through a Flowsana Rule) and are added to a section called “Ready Forms”
  3. Once our assignee approves the task (the Dev Forms), the assignee clicks “Approved”
  4. Then I have a trigger for moving the Approved Task to the next section “Approved for Contract.” The rule states: “Tasks are moved to his section when: Task approved.”

However, when our assignee clicks “Approved” when the task is in the section “Ready Forms,” the task goes to a completely different section randomly or it goes to the next section where it is supposed to.

The created task is used throughout the entire workflow where other rules include the task being remarked “incomplete” so then it could be approved again.
Each task requires two approvals. First, the task description needs to be approved which pushes our task to the legal team. They attach an agreement that is based on the specifications based on the approved descriptions. Next, the task goes to the next section to get another approval. After she approves it, then the task is moved again to a clerk to move out to others to get signatures.

Why is my task not going in a linear direction to the next task? How can I fix this? Do I need to create subtasks?

Let me know, thanks!!

Hi @Marlowe_Clayton,

It’s not random, I promise you - there is or are things - most likely automations - causing the behavior you’re getting.

The first two steps I would take in diagnosing what’s happening are:

  • Look at the activity history (bottom of the task’s detail pane) when a task gets moved to a section that doesn’t make sense to you; it’s very possible there will be a clue (or clues) there as to what caused it to move.
  • Turn off all rules, both Asana and Flowsana, that you have in the project. Then turn them on one at a time, and observe the task behavior. See if you can identify at what point the unexplained section movement starts occurring.

One other question: are the tasks in this project multi-homed to any other projects? If so, then you should also consider any automations in those other projects (although sections are project-specific, so it’s not too likely rules in other projects would be having an adverse effect there - but you should consider other projects anyway if there is multi-homing in place, so as to “leave no stone unturned”).

Welcome, @Marlowe_Clayton,

In addition to @Phil_Seeman’s helpful suggestions, maybe consider this too:

I didn’t spend enough time reviewing your account, but a couple things you wrote tell me there’s at least a chance what’s going on is similar to the situation described in the full thread below (so be sure to look at that full thread not just that post), and also do look at the link in the post below:

Hope that might help,


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