Problem with rules overlapping. How do I stop this?

I don’t know how to quite explain this but I’ve set-up two rules - 1. when a task is added to a column, the subtasks are auto added, and 2. once every subtask is completed, the task is then moved to the next column. The problem being that before rule 1 can be applied, rule 2 is jumping in and sending it to the next column. i.e. all items in ‘contract’ column is completed and rule 2 sends it ‘preliminaries’ but while it waits for rule 1 to kick in, rule 2 sends the task to 'pre-start. Can you help me set it up so it won’t skip a column? Thank you


I believe this is the same issue for which I provided a solution about a couple weeks ago. Please have a look at this which should address your problem:



Thank you for your help!

I think I might have figured out the problem in that I have set up Rule 2 up the top and Rule 1 down the bottom (see image) so that they are triggering at once? And if instead I put Rule 2 + Rule 1 up the top, it will stop this?

Sorry I know I’m confusing, I’m very new to this.

I see you’re using Workflow and I’m more familiar with Customize > Rules which is what I showed, so I’m not sure if you’re approach will work or not, but I believe the one I proposed is reliable.

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I went back and did it through the ‘Customize’ section as you suggested (didn’t realise you could do it this way!) and it worked! Thank you!

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