PSA: you can stop rules triggering other rules

I had a problem which I just managed to solve. So I thought to share here in case it might help someone else.

The problem I had was that I set up workflow rules like this:

  1. When task in Stage A is marked complete, move to Stage B
  2. When task is moved to Stage B, mark as incomplete
  3. When task in Stage B is marked complete, move to Stage C

The problem I encountered was that as soon as I marked a task complete in Stage A, it would move to Stage B, but before Rule 2 could mark the task as incomplete, Rule 3 automatically triggered and moved the task to Stage C.

I figured out how to stop this in the end by opening up Rule Settings. To do this, you click on a rule to edit it, then in the top right corner there is a “…” you can click. From there you can disable “Allow this rule to be triggered by other rules”.

By disabling that, I was able to solve my issue. Hope this helps.


Good use case, thanks for sharing.

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