Triggered Status Change Not Triggering Next Rule as It Should

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Project A has a trigger that when Task 1 is moved from Section 1 (Outline Needed) to Section 2 (Being Drafted), the status updates to (Being Drafted) to reflect the change. - This works fine.

Project B is set up to have a mirror of Task 1, and when the status is updated from Outline Needed to Being Drafted, it is supposed to move the Task from Section 1 (Outline Needed) to Section 2 (Being Drafted). - This does not work IF the status change was made from the rule being triggered by the section move. It DOES work if I manually update the status in Project A.

Here is a video of the problem: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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Watch above.

Browser version: Chrome

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Hi @Richard_Garvey and welcome to the forum,

This is actually not a bug but a current intended behavior of the product: rules cannot be triggered by the result of other rules.

You can add your vote to change this limitation here:

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