Rule Triggered on Mutiple Projects Based on Shared Task

I came across something rather unexpected today. A colleague asked me about a rule that I drafted that ran on their project (a project with no rules). I had created it on a separate project. The two projects share tasks.

The rule, built using the new rule binder, is triggered when a task is moved between sections. I was under the impression that meant moved between sections on the project the rule is in, but this is not the case. Rather than being confined to the project it was created on, the rule appears to apply to tasks on the project the rule is in, which is how it was triggered by a section move in a different project.

Ultimately, it wasn’t a big deal in this instance as none of the other conditions for the rule were met. The rule triggering on my colleague’s project did not making changes to the task - this time. However, the fact that my rules can be triggered on other projects will influence how I write them. Is this expected behavior?


I just tested this and it did not work that way for me, which is what I expected.

Rule actions of course affect tasks, and if those tasks are shared among projects you’ll see the results in those tasks when they appear in other projects. But I think something else must have happened in your case, so you’d have to debug more closely or provide more info.



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