Can you create rules to work across projects?

My team has run into a situation where it feels like the best move is to create multiple projects that are almost identical. The main difference being who has visibility,

I was wondering if you can create rules that will work across multiple projects? So for example if I mark task 1 complete in Project A it would also mark task 1 complete in Project B.

If this is not possible does anyone have any suggestions about work around options?

HI @Jerrica

So if a task is multi-homed (add to another project) then the task will complete in both automatically as they are the same in both.

After that, you can create a rule in one project that says when a task completes, take action. Such as move to a different section or Slack a channel.

For triggering rules from a CF change, be sure the checkbox to allow a rule to trigger another rule is checked. Should be by default.

I often do this where by P1 has a rule trigger on a CF to do something and in P2 a rule on the same CF does something else specific to that project.

Let me know if you have a particular use case.

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